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“People’s love, this is … your heart of the gods” – this was the slogan of today’s outdoor event, which included folk shows and demonstrations of traditional crafts, as well as tastings of local specialties. These attractions drew a lot of residents to the open air museum in Nowy Sącz. Not only residents of Nowy Sącz, but also tourists who decided to spend a long weekend in our area.

– Great space. We were so touched – told Nowy native Sącz Agnieszka Wnęk, who came to Nowy Sącz from Krakow. – We wanted to show the children how our ancestors used to live. No electricity, no running water, no electronics, no televisions, no computers, no mobile phones. No heating, literally “a cow in the room”. They lived without all the comforts and had to adapt

– Great place – he adds Simon Wenk. – It’s a long old village. Here you can see what we learn in history lessons.

In the open museum today you can see the Weselne perypetie performed by Dolina Popradu from Piwniczna Zdrój and listen to a concert of love songs. It was also possible to learn how to prepare a unique broth that goes directly to the heart of the chosen one, as well as try your luck in the lottery for gifts “Fate of Love”.

However, it was not the end of the attractions awaiting visitors today at the Nowy Sącz open-air museum. The program also included: “Engagement music” – performance of folklore instruments, “Hug workshops” – performance by Pausenia Oskibec, “Labour of love” – presentation of wedding wand decoration and bouquets of groomsmen, “ Ziółka na kochanie” – a lecture on herbs and stimuli of feelings.

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Reliable details of love were provided by Małgorzata Polańska-Kubiak from the municipality of Piwniczna Zdrój. He could talk about it for hours.

Love was unparalleled, says Małgorzata Polańska-Kubiak. Today’s meeting is very early. She confirmed that Lovage has not yet grown, but when it comes to this herb, the effect is guaranteed

She also told native Nowy Sącz how to take care of a delicious tea to increase the body’s immunity.

– We need flowers … Forsythia – says our interlocutor. Forsythia has a very high content of vitamin C and rutin. Instead of swallowing the emulsions, you can prepare the raw materials for brewing this tea. You should pick forsythia flowers and dry them in a dry, well-ventilated place. The dried fruit is then made into a tea. The second method is more laborious. Flowers are picked. We knead them in a glass bowl – he explains Małgorzata Polańska-Kubiak. Close the jar completely tightly and place it on the window sill in a place with full sun. After a few days, the color of the flowers should change. Then we take it out and dry it in a dry and ventilated place. Then we pour boiling water over the flowers.

The pickled flower of the common lilac (purple) was also recommended by Małgorzata Polańska-Kubiak. Tea is useful for people with liver problems. It has a caramel color.

If someone wants, he can also listen to a conversation about the canons of beauty in the rural community “Yes, I love what syrokie krzyze mo …”. You can also see what modern girls were wearing? This meant introducing rustic clothing from the 19th / 20th century.

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There was also a bustle in the town of Galicia. There, too, demonstrations of dying crafts and occupations await visitors. During the shows, you can learn about what the woodworker, shoemaker and printer do. Glass and wreath painting workshops were also held in this city. And, as usual, the event was accompanied by an art exhibition of handicrafts.

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