American players are the favorites to win the gold medal during the competition in Tokyo 2020. On July 21, they faced Sweden. They seem to be easy opponents for them. Nothing could have been more wrong – Team USA had a major error at the start of the Games.

Tokyo 2020. The Swedes have broken a remarkable chain of American women

The Scandinavian team did not dominate in the 90 minutes, but it was more effective. The goals were scored in the 25th, 54th and 72nd minutes. The songwriters are Stina Blackstenius (the first two) and Lina Hurtig.

The unexpected victory of the Swedes broke the impressive streak of American players. American women have not failed in more than two years. The last such case happened to them on January 19, 2019. Then they lost 1: 3 with the French national team. Since then, the US team has played 44 games, winning as many as 40 games.

a match The United States – Sweden’s votes rose for another reason, too. The players of both teams decided To protest against racism and homophobia.

Other matches played on July 21

Several other matches were also played on July 21. Here are their results:

  • Great Britain – Chile 2-0
  • China – Brazil 0:5
  • Japan – Canada 1: 1
  • Zambia – Netherlands 3:10
  • Australia – New Zealand 2:1

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