Polish women, who sailed on the sixth course, did not count on the average and practically from the very beginning were in last place. The Australians won with confidence, the Irish and the British fought for third place to the last metres. In the end, it was the settler from Ireland that won the bronze medal.

Stellerless quad rowing results:

1. Australia (Lucy Stephan, Rosemary Popa, Jessica Morrison, Annabelle McIntyre)      6.15,37
2. Holandia (Ellen Hogerwerf, Karolien Florijn, Ymkje Clevering, Veronique Meester)   6.15,71
3. Irlandia (Aifric Keogh, Eimear Lambe, Fiona Murtagh, Emily Hegarty)                6.20,46
4. Wielka Brytania (Rowan Mc Kellar, Harriet Taylor, Karen Bennett, Rebecca Shorten)  6.21,52
5. Chiny (Xinyu Lin, Fei Wang, Miaomiao Qin, Shiyu Lu)                                6.25,13
6. Polska (Monika Chabel, Joanna Dittmann, Olga Michałkiewicz i Maria Wierzbowska)    6.29,95

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