On Thursday, the last fights between 1/32 and 1/16 bowlers took place in the singles competitions of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. And so we’ve got to know the top 16 players who will be fighting for medals in the following days. However, there will be no electrodes in them.

David Less

David Less

Taylor Worth

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On Thursday, Siluya Zizaska and Swamir Naboshik joined the competition at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, they both missed their first match, which we wrote about in separate reports. On the same day, the remaining matches took place 1/32 and 1/16 of the Singles Shooters Championship. After these duels, we know the top sixteen men and women contenders who will compete for Olympic medals in the following days.

In the past two days, there have been several big surprises. On the third day of qualifying, another Korean – Oh Jennick, who lost to the lower-ranked representative of India, Atano Das, was eliminated after a fierce match. Thus, only Kim Woojin, who would defend the honor of the Koreans, remained on the field. Shaoxuan Wei of China also lost to a much lower ranked competitor. His conqueror turned out to be Taylor Worth. The American Jacob Wouki also made a surprise, first beating Chilean Andres Aguilar 7: 1, and in the next round he turned out to be better than the representative of Indonesia. In the 1/8 finals, Wukie will be a challenger to his teammate – Brady Ellison.

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In the women’s competition, Estonian Rina Barnat was a surprise, defeating Denisa Barankova, twelfth after the classification round, in the first round. However, the Estonian ended her participation in the second round. The rivalry between the Italians – Lucilla Boari, who eliminated Sylwia Zyzańska and Chiara Rebagliati, was interesting. The latter was higher in the ranking round, but Bowery, who advanced to the 1/8 finals, was better in a head-to-head duel.

The women will compete for medals on Friday, and the men will conclude their championship on Saturday.

Men’s Singles Tournament:
1/32 final:
Shaoxuan Wei (Cheney) – Daniel Philip Pineda (Colombia) 6:0
Taylor Worth (Australia) – Alvianto Prastiadi (Indonesia) 6:0
Jenek Oh (South Korea) beat Mohamed Hamed (Tunisia) 6-0
Atano Das (India) beat Yu-cheng Deng (Chinese Taipei) 6: 4
Nicholas Damore (Virgin Islands) at the expense of Rena Thiack (Australia) 5:6
Jeff Henckels (Netherlands) – Mity Gazouz (Turkey) 0:6
Chun Hengwei (Chinese Taipei) beat Daniel Castro (Spain) 6-2
Huang Phi Phu Nguyen (Vietnam) – Chih Chun Tang (Chinese Taipei) 1: 7
Riau Iga Salsabella (Indonesia) – David Barnes (Australia) 7:1
Jacob Wookie (US) – Andres Aguilar (Chile) 7:1
Elft Abdullah (Kazakhstan) – James Woodgate (UK) 7-3
Sławomir Napłoszek (Poland) – Steve Wegler (Netherlands) 4: 6

1/16 final:
Shaoxuan Wei (Cheney) – Taylor Worth (Australia) 4: 6
Jinhyek Oh (South Korea) bt Atanu Das (India) 5:6
Rina Teyak (Australia) – Miti Gazouz (Turkey) 3-7
Chun-Heng Wei (Chinese Taipei) – Chih-Chun Tang (Chinese Taipei) 5:6
Riau Iga Salsabella (Indonesia) beat Jacob Wouki (USA) 5: 6
Elft Abduldin (Kazakhstan) – Steve Wegler (Netherlands) 6:4

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Women’s Singles Championship:
1/32 final:
Maja Jagger (Dania) – Diyananda Kurunesa (Indonesia) 6:2
Alice Engli (Australia) – Ksenia Perova (Russian Olympic Committee) 1: 7
Karina Dzyuminskaya (Belarus) – Zia Seddik (Bangladesh) 6:5
Karina Kazlowskaya (Belarus) beat Alejandra Valencia (Mexico) 0:6
Xia In Lin (Chinese Taipei) – Evangelia Psara (Greece) 6:4
Rina Barnat (Estonia) – Denisa Barankova (Slovakia) 6:4
Lucilla Puri (Italy) – Seluja Zizynska (Poland) 6-0
Kristen Berendal (Sweden) beat Chiara Rebagliati (Italy) 2:6
Lisa Barbelin (France) defeated Tatiana Andreoli (Italy) 6-2
Svetlana Gomboeva (Russian Olympic Committee) – Gabriela Schlosser (Netherlands) 5:6
An-san (South Korea) beat Marlise Hurto (Romania) 6-2
Anne Marcel dos Santos (Brazil) – Ana Vazquez (Mexico) 6:4

1/16 final:
Maja Jäger (Denmark) – Ksenia Perova (Russian Olympic Committee) 3:7
Karina Dzyuminskaya (Belarus) – Alejandra Valencia (Mexico) 3:7
Chia In Lin (Chinese Taipei) – Rina Barnat (Estonia) 7:3
Lucilla Poari (Italy) b Chiara Ribagliati (Italy) 6-4
Lisa Barbelin (France) – Gabriella Schlosser (Netherlands) 6-0
Ahn San (South Korea) defeated Annie Marcel dos Santos (Brazil) 7-1

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