Kryscina Cimanouska’s case and her call to return from Tokyo 2020 to Belarus has spread around the world. The runner was withdrawn from the Olympics, and then ordered to return to Belarus. All after she criticized her trainers on social media. She resented them because they ran the 4x400m relay, which she didn’t know and wasn’t prepared for.

Krishina Simanoska was afraid that she would face serious consequences when she returned to Belarus. Therefore, she did not want to travel to her homeland and went to the Polish embassy, ​​where she received a humanitarian visa. Then she came to Poland and here she wants to make a life for herself.

There is an attack on Belarus

The United States has expressed strong words about the activities of the Belarusian Olympic Committee. Americans accuse Belarusians of aiding money laundering and bypassing visa bans

“The Belarus National Olympic Committee has been accused of aiding money laundering, bypassing sanctions and bypassing visa bans. The Olympic Committee has been publicly criticized for not protecting Belarusian athletes from discrimination and political repression,” the White House decree.

On Monday, the United States announced new sanctions against Belarus. Under them, in particular, the National Olympic Committee of Belarus, headed by Viktor Lukashenko, the eldest son of the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, was subordinate.


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