Poland without a medal in pole vault. Piotr Lisek achieved a height of 5.80 meters, which finally put him in sixth place. The great Swede Armand Duplantis won the gold and took the win without falling.

Matthews Kozaniki

Matthews Kozaniki

Armand Duplantis

Getty Images/Matthias Hengst/Pictured: Armand Duplantis

Of the three poles, only Piotr Lisek managed to reach the pole vault final. However, it was not without problems. The representative of our country received the award only for the third time. However, Robert Sopra and Bowie Wojciechowski withdrew.

Sam Kendricks was missing. A medal contender has tested positive for the coronavirus. Despite the absence of the American, the cast was very strong, with Renaud Lavillenie and Armand Duplantis at the helm.

Piotr Lisek easily coped with the hanging beam at a height of 5.50 m, and small problems began at 5.70 m. After the first unsuccessful attempt, the pole risked and moved the remaining two jumps to the next height.

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He scored 5.80m the first time and came very close to the medals area. Unfortunately, three drops at 5.87m kept him out of the competition. The Polish actor was ranked sixth.

Renaud Lavillenie had enormous problems. The experienced Frenchman suffered from pain in his leg. He tried to fight again but to no avail and was eventually in eighth place.

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The competition’s biggest favorite, Armand Duplantis, reached the gold medal. The Swede climbed all the heights the first time. Having taken gold with 6.02 m, he tried to attack the world record. He was close twice, but failed to cross the 6.19 m crossbar.

Men’s Pole Vault Final:

1. Armand Duplantis (Sweden) 6.02 m
2. Christopher Nielsen (USA) 5.97 m²
3. Thiago Braz (Brazil) 5.87 m Bin Talal
4. Emmanuel Karalis (Greece) 5.80 m = PB
4. KC Lightfoot (USA) 5,80 m
6. Piotr Lisek (Poland) 5.80 m
7. Harry Koppel (Great Britain) 5.80 AD SB
8. Renault Lavillenie (France) 5.70 m

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