The Outer Worlds is a brand new IP that players have warmly received. Take-Two confirmed the result achieved by the products and indicated the result of sales.

During Microsoft’s last party Work has been confirmed on The Outer Worlds 2But fans of this genre will have to be patient while waiting for the job. We can probably expect a space RPG in a few years, while we can celebrate the great achievement of the first part.

The Outer Worlds is a brand new brand promoted by Private Division – Take-Two can boast a lot of success, because The title exceeded 4 million copies sold. Recently, the game has enjoyed steady interest, which is probably influenced by two extensions, the Nintendo Switch port and the announcement of the release for the new generation. It is worth noting that in a previous financial report, the publisher reported that it had reached the threshold of 3 million copies.

4 million units for The Outer Worlds is a significant result, especially if we take into account the smaller budget and simultaneous premiere on Xbox Game Pass. Not many players have had to purchase a title to enter the futuristic world of Obsidian Entertainment.

The US studio was acquired by Microsoft in November 2018 – the team is currently working on Grounded, I acknowledge and the outer worlds mentioned above 2.