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Till Lindemann has developed his solo career aggressively, gaining a large number of fans who follow all his activities. It turns out that the concert of the artist from Moscow will be shown on the cinema screens! When and where will the offer be available?

The project’s concert publishing house Lindman It will be the last thing to come out under this banner. Already a singer Rammstein Working under his name and surname, the end of the collaboration with Peter Tägtgren marks the end of the project under the name Lindemann. Fans should be delighted, however, because the group’s final concert will be shown on cinema screens! Where will you be able to watch the performance from Moscow?

What’s going on inside? Rammstein

Project Lindemann concert on the big screen? What cinemas will be showing?

A special concert, which will be shown on DVD, Blu-ray and Vinyl, will be shown in theaters the day before the premiere, i.e. May 20, 2021 In countries such as: Great Britain, the United States, Russia, Belarus, Ukraine and Australia. In the summer, the concert will take place in Germany and Austria. Why don’t we watch the concert in Poland? It is very likely that this is connected with the fact that cinemas in our country will not open until May 29. In any case, the path of the Lindemann project bypassed Poland, which may also be the cause. Watch the concert trailer:

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