Thousands of UK residents can get a £200 payment directly into their bank accounts within days.

Payment will be made to help pay your energy bills.

Financial assistance is provided to distressed families by local governments.

The Family Support Fund was created as a result of the rising cost of living crisis.

Britons are struggling with rising food costs, rising energy bills, increasing Social Security contributions and council tax bills, and rising prices for subscription services like Netflix and phone contracts.

Doncaster is one of the local authorities that will pay cash this week.

On July 8, the council will pay residents £200. Anyone with a council tax, housing benefit, or universal credit can apply for this payment.

According to the government, “The new Home Aid Fund will be distributed by councils in England to help people who need it most directly. The support will be distributed in the form of small payments to help vulnerable families meet their daily needs such as food, clothes and utensils.”

The program was announced by Chancellor Rishi Sunak as the British grapple with rising food, bills and fuel prices.

The government added: “The fund has been extended until 30 September 2022 with an additional £500 million that will be used by local authorities to support the most vulnerable families.”

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