This text can be divided into three parts, namely “Reality”, “Theory” and “Summary”. Unfortunately, we will not come to very positive conclusions, and it is all about such an urgent problem as the lack of parking space for trucks.

1. Reality

There is a German organization Auto-Clubs Europa that evaluates the quality of car parks on the highway from the point of view of tourist traffic. Specialists recently took a closer look at Schwarze Heide Square on the A2 motorway, near Bottrop, and it turned out that it was almost impossible to get an assessment there. The shortage of truck parking spaces in this area is so great that freight traffic virtually obscures the entire space on Schwarze Heide. Driveways and spaces for passenger cars and infrastructure elements are blocked, so the car park simply does not meet the basic assumptions.

Of course, this shows how dramatic the situation is with the trucks parked. Professional drivers prepare parking spaces even in full yards, prepare to park in prohibited places. There are not enough ordinary places, especially in the evening hours, and the standards of working time have to be met somehow.

2. Theory

The state-owned Autobahn GmbH, which operates German motorways, has announced that it has begun testing a new electronic system. It is described as a possible solution to the shortage of truck parking spaces. Tests start at the Wiesbaden-Medenbach car park on the A3 motorway, and everything will depend on the laser and the driver’s application.

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A laser will be placed over the truck parking spaces to determine if a particular “paradise” is occupied or free. Then, the information for this topic will be sent to the application, to report the free space to drivers and update the data every minute. The assumption is that something like this is to make it easier for drivers to plan to stop and stop in prohibited places. It is also supposed to be a response to official statistics, which state that at least 3,000 people are missing in southwest Germany. places for trucks.

3. Summary

We have other evidence that the official parking spot for trucks is always crowded. Meanwhile, as a solution to the problem, an application has been proposed to notify you of the fact that the parking lots are full. Admittedly, this does not make sense.

Not to mention the fact that from the point of view of German law, the use of such an application while driving is still prohibited. We’ll receive a fine there not only for holding the phone in our hand, but also for any form of using it by hand. In addition, the ban includes even stationary vehicles, as long as their engine is kept running during this time. So it is forbidden, for example, when standing at the intersection with the engine running, the phone is in the stand, and we just swipe our finger on the screen to reject the incoming call. More on the topic: Police looked at trucks from the bridge – fines for operating various screens

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