Richard Madley and Judy Finnegan are back to this long-awaited morning today – but fans were a little distracted by “Judy’s New Voice”.

The legendary broadcasters are back to celebrate the Book Club’s tenth anniversary.

Viewers were dazzled by Judy’s new look, which they described as “gorgeous” and were convinced that she would whiten her teeth, giving her a beautiful smile.

However, many also noted that she looked different, which some have speculated was the result of her teeth.

Fans took over Twitter The caption, with one writing: “Judy got her teeth done, very cute and white tooth # this morning.”

Another commented, “Judy looks different # this morning.”

A third asked, “What’s going on with Judy’s accent / voice? She looks like she’s getting more luxurious # ThisMorning.”

But another was convinced: “Judy’s teeth gave her #thismorning lisp”

A fan tweaked Richard’s casual choice of a white shirt while Judy dressed, and wrote, “Judy looks gorgeous! However, Richard has gone for an oversized teen look … # this morning.”

Richard and Judy became a television legend after hosting This Morning from 1988 until 2001, before moving to Channel 4 for their eponymous show that ran for seven years.

But they first met six years ago this morning when Richard joined Granada to introduce him to Tony Wilson and Judy.

talk about First exchange for themRichard said, “I was sitting at my desk when this hand came up on my shoulder and I looked at this face and Judy said, ‘Hey, I’m your mom.’ And I thought, ‘What? ”

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* This morning airs weekdays at 10 AM on ITV