Sanctioned Roman Abramovich remains the owner of Chelsea Football Club in London. About the Russian oligarch, who made a fortune, among other things thanks to the wonderful relationship with Vladimir Putin, is still very loud.

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Abramovich does not make any statements to the media. In his case, this is nothing new. After the acquisition of Chelsea in 2003, the Russian billionaire rarely gives interviews. Lee Igloo of Forbes in 2021 and David Smith of The Observer in 2006 speak to him in the interview.

Abramovich practically does not appear in the media. There are two reasons

The issue was analyzed by the Russian portal, according to which few people can relate the voice of Roman Abramovich at all. As the portal journalists add, the oligarch avoids giving interviews for two reasons. He would have told us about the first person himself during the 2011 trial against businessman Boris Berezovsky. Using the example of entrepreneurs Artiom Tarasov and Mikhail Khodorkovsky, explain why it is better to “keep calm and not be clear”.

The Russians had no one to play with, so they played against the only potential opponent

– When I started making decent money, of course I wanted to prove it. But only until one person, Tarasov, did it. Although he paid all his taxes, he was honest and open-minded, that was only when he started! Everyone shouted, “It’s a shame!” , “A man cannot earn much!” As a result, he flew to England. I remember well. That’s why I didn’t say anything like that. I never spoke in public. Khodorkovsky showed that his work is open and transparent … (and he is now in the penal colony for 10 years). You understood this lesson well: it will not lead to anything good, it will only create problems. My rule is to sit quietly and keep your head down – Roman Abramovich explained.

According to the Russian portal, the second reason is that Abramovich, due to his shyness and sensitivity, is simply lost in front of the cameras and journalists.

He always behaves modestly, always dresses modestly, appears modest. German football agent Tkaczenko said that in general he is very sensitive and even shy.

Roman Abramovich before the Premier League match against Sunderland at Stamford Bridge in London, December 19, 2015.Roman Abramovich loses 1.5 billion pounds. Irreversible. Chelsea shivering

– I’ve never been in public. When I begin to speak in public, for example with journalists, to communicate, I begin to worry that I will not be able to tell journalists what I want. In general, I do not need it – Abramovich himself explained.

“He only relaxes when it comes to football,” added David Smith, who was one of two people who interviewed the Russian billionaire. But it doesn’t always appear. An example of this is his reaction to a journalist’s question after Russia was awarded the right to host the World Cup in 2010.

Abramovich’s reluctance to give interviews did not bother him at work. On the contrary – this was spinning very nicely. Also football – Chelsea won the Champions League in 2021 and recently became the Club World Champion. But now, in the face of sanctions and the consequences of Russian aggression against Ukraine, it is difficult to predict the fate of not only the billionaire himself, but also the fate of sanctioned Chelsea.

Roman Abramovich loses 1.5 billion pounds. Irreversible. Chelsea shivering

“The sanctions imposed by the British government on the owner of the club due to his close contacts with Putin are extensive,” the British government said in a statement. In an official statement, all Russian assets in the British Isles have been frozen, which has had a profound effect on Chelsea, which Abramovich has owned since 2003, journalist Konrad Ferszter wrote a few days ago.

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