CD Projekt Red is clearly going to benefit from the HD Reworked mod.

  • The HD Reworked Project is likely to be integrated with the next game update
  • This is what the author of the mod says
  • So we know what the updated game will look like

The creator of the HD Reworked Project for The Witcher 3 claims to have been contacted by CD Projekt Red, proposing to collaborate as part of Next generation version of Wild Hunt. If the news is confirmed, we may already know what the new Polish studio version, which will arrive on the next generation of computers and controllers, will look like.

?? The most important information is that I received an official letter from the Council for Development and Reconstruction on cooperation ?? Hulk Hogan explains under the video as he demonstrates new products on his project. While not yet certain, with a high degree of probability, the HD Reworked Project will be included in the official next generation update ??.

Here are some of the materials introducing the latest version of the mod – and thus the possible look of the updated The Witcher 3, at least in terms of more detailed textures and models:

Halk Hogan has been providing a long-time CD Projekt Red collaboration – just to mark the HD reworked on the aforementioned “NextGen” release. So it seems he recently got a satisfying answer. The author of the model is already planning to decorate the world of Cyberpunk 2077 by creating a similar tool to improve the quality of the graphic elements.

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The updated Witcher 3 will debut in the second half of 2021. Original owners will receive a free update to the updated version. All major and minor DLCs will be included in the package.