On Friday, July 15, the IAAF World Championships in Athletics will begin in Eugene, USA. Among the representatives of Poland, there are many great stars and candidates for medals. They are definitely two hammerheads – Pawe Fajdek and Wojciech Nowicki.

The former has already won four gold medals at the World Championships. However, he does not want to stop, he wants more.

This is the plan. I always want to win, I always want to be the best. This is what I learned. Especially since I’m defending the title. There is something to defend. We aim to ensure that there are as many of these addresses as possible, in a row – Fajdek admitted in an interview with the sports24.pl portal.

Due to the peculiarities of his competition, FDIC does not have to adhere to a strict diet. In the mentioned interview, he admitted that his diet abroad is very monotonous.

We mainly rely on the burgers that are served in the canteen. Fruit and some vegetables are frozen. Typical dinner dishes are somewhat absent here – revealing.

Here everything is rusk and fried. Burgers seem to be the most reasonable solution. Plus some lettuce and tomatoes. We do it – he added.

It’s always harder to fight myself. For a long time I considered myself my main competitor. Today the level is up and it’s even. A few men can throw 79-80 meters. We are in the United States and Americans have to show their good side. Wojtek is strong, and it shows all season long, he is, after all, the leader of the world tables. The four-time world champion said the behavior would be decisive here.

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