Advertising is a very powerful tool – after all, it is said to be a commercial lever for a reason. However, it is not easy to create one that will attract attention and will be remembered. The South Korean giant succeeded.

Most ads are created “on one hoof”

Most people are probably tired of countless advertisements at every turn, although nowadays companies have many channels of promotion at their disposal, including influencers, whom they often invite to collaborate. However, it still happens that a stain will shock you, because, for example, it provokes an opinion that the product prefers to hide. Meanwhile, the Koreans decided to base their entire trailer.

Can you imagine a situation where a manufacturer admits that a customer is not satisfied with their product? Isn’t it difficult? After all, everyone wants to convince the consumer that the goods or services they provide will improve the customer’s quality of life (this is evident in advertising for nutritional supplements, but most sites rely on this scheme).

Samsung spends huge amounts of money on marketing and it shows. At the same time, especially in the United States, where it is in a fierce struggle with Apple, it often devalues ​​iPhones, and this has repeatedly brought tangible benefit in the form of increased sales of flagship smartphones of the Galaxy S series. This. Time, however, attacked itself.

Only Samsung can create such a brutally candid and bold advertisement

The US branch of the South Korean giant posted on its Twitter feed film, where the main character raises an unpleasant opinion of a user Galaxy Z Fold 2. On Reddit pages, admit it This is the worst smartphone he has ever owned.

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Are you curious why? Well, because he was afraid to use it in public, because he was afraid of the contemptuous smiles of other people who passed by. As he admitted, he is not ready for such a life.

This is undoubtedly an original marketing strategy, where all manufacturers, including Samsung, praise their products to the sky. However, in this case, the user’s opinion was intentionally used, To promote the campaign, thanks to it, customers in the United States can try a new campaign for free for 21 days Galaxy Z Fold 3 They only pay for it when they decide to leave it to themselves.

At the same time, it is not surprising that the aforementioned announcement was made available by the US subsidiary of Samsung, because For many years, he has been running very bold and sometimes rude advertising campaigns, in which he is not afraid to ridicule the products of competitors. In Poland, the advertising strategy is completely different.

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