Russia has won the MotoGP three times in a row (2018-2020), but this year (2021) was eliminated in the semi-finals because it sent out reserves.

The Łagutów brothers were not led by world champion Artiom nor Emil Sajfutdinow.

– Everyone has a conflict with the Russian Federation – says Andrei Korolev. – In my opinion, they declared a strike. Either things will return to normal and the Federation will cooperate with them, or they will not go to the national team. Earlier they won 3 gold medals and now they are tired of some things. They turned upside down, fought with all their might, were victorious, and the federal activists went to sleep in five-star hotels and sip cognac. Nobody cares about players, and they should. She was surprised that the relationship gave up so easily and she didn’t fight for her co-stars. He added that it will likely be the fourth title in a row.

Let us remind you that this year’s SoN Final was held in Great Britain. The hosts beat favorites Poland, but did not win the tournament again.

– Coroleo added: – It is a pity that Poland failed, it is inconceivable that it could not get gold for so many years.

For the 2022 season, SoN will take place in Esbjerg, Denmark, but according to the new rules. There will be no final for two days, but one. Teams will not need young players.