Agnieszka Skrzypulec, Jolanta Ogar-Hill, Patryk Dobek, Wojciech Nowicki and Pawe Fajdek – these are the next Polish winners of the Olympic Games in Tokyo. It was Wednesday in white and red at the world’s most important sporting event.

  • On the 12th day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, the Polish team increased its medal count by four discs – gold, silver and bronze.
  • Hammer thrower Wijciech Nowicki, the Olympic hammer thrower, stood at the highest score on the podium
  • Won the following medals: Agnieszka Skrzypulec and Jolanta Ogar-Hill (silver, sailing class 470), Patryk Dobrek (800m) and Paweł Fajdek (hammer throw)

IO Tokyo 2020 – Results 12. day. The medal harvest season opened on Wednesday with the class of 470 sailors. Agnieszka Skrzypulec I Jolanta Ogar Hill. The Polish women had to defend the third place, but the situation in the medal race turned out to be that in the end the white and red were ahead of the French and reached the silver discs.

Then we had beautiful moments in the Olympic stadium. Patrick DobeckThe one who recently started in the 400m hurdles won a bronze medal in the 800m race. Even Adam Kazzot, who is considered a master of this competition, did not do such a stunt.

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – Results from Day 12 of the Games

Our athletes have shown that we are strong in the hammer throw. On Tuesday, Anita, Darczyk and Malwena Kuprun won gold and bronze, and on Wednesday they showed the same double. Wojciech Nowicki I Paweł Fajdek. The new Olympic champion set a record of 82.52.

She also presented herself well Natalia Kashmarek, who came close to “zyciówka” and finished fourth in the 400m semi-finals, tomorrow our competitors are waiting to eliminate the 4x400m relay. Marcin Krukowski. The pole, who is ranked second in the world, did not succeed in elimination and would not present himself in the javelin finals. The same thing happened Cyprien Merzigood. In the semi-finals, she finished her Olympic performance in the 1500m Martina Galant.

Much worse news came from the racetrack, where Patrick Rajkowski I Matthews Roddick in the Run And Urszula Łoś I Marlina Karuaka In Kirin they did not join the fight on the podium.

Two Polish women sailed in the semi-finals of the 500m K-1 rowing competition Marta Walchikevich I Justina Eskrzica. At C-1 he will play in the semi-finals Dorota Boroska.

Alexandra Miroslav She was on the verge of breaking the world time-climbing record and winning the event, but underperformed in the next two stages – rock and pioneer – in 20th and 19th. Pole was promoted to the finals with the seventh score.

Jowita September Participation in the Tokyo Olympics ended in the 1/8 finals. The Polish wrestler, who was competing in the weight of 57 kg, lost to Bulgarian Evelina Nikolova.

W Medal Ranking Poland jumped to 19th place.

Record the report from the 12th day of Tokyo 2020 IO