In Ghana, a campaign to plant more than 5 million trees in one day began on Friday 11 June. The campaign is being implemented nationwide as an initial program under the Green Ghana Project.

Thousands of bags containing millions of different types of seedlings were distributed in 16 regions of Ghana. Everyone, from organizations to individuals, was encouraged to farm.

Tree planting exercises, among other things, were previously conducted at the Children of Light Educational Center in Apuri on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. Geodrill has long sponsored the Children of Light organization. This organization, founded by Janet Brown Opoko, has been operating since 2005 as a charitable foundation in the field of inclusive education so that children can develop and achieve their full potential.

Ghana’s Minister of Lands and Natural Resources, Samuel Abdullah Ginapur, described the event as a major achievement for the West African country. “By planting trees, we are also investing in the future,” he noted. According to national statistics, it is estimated that the forest areas in Ghana have been depleted by 80% in the last century. The current program aims at afforestation of brown fields in particular.

The Ghanaian Catholic Bishops Conference also joined the campaign. Ghana’s bishops have pledged that the church will plant one million trees during this rainy season as part of the Green Ghana Project.

The Ghanaian bishops’ declaration is a response to Opened by Francisczyk “Platforga” praised and praised“, a seven-year program of work”, which will lead families, parishes, parish communities, schools, universities, hospitals, businesses, groups, movements, organizations and seminaries to be adopted sustainable A way of life (…) to spread the gospel of creation and care for our common home “. It is also supported by the Church in Ghana for the government’s pioneering program in the field of environmental protection.

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The Green Ghana Program was announced in April.

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