Technology Fundamentals Lab Naval academy Already donated forty computers for distance learning for children. After the facelift, the laptop went to Elementary School No. 6 in Gdynia. Anyone can support the campaign, because the collection of used equipment is still going on.

Used computers are obtained from donors, then at the Polish Naval Academy they get a “second youth” and go to needy children. This is an action the university has been doing since the beginning of the epidemic. Thanks to this, a total of 40 students were awarded equipment for distance learning.

It is a great pleasure for the organizers that they are already able to support 40 families. This is mainly due to the LPT staff, but also the entire AMW community, which joined the event by donating equipment and money to purchase necessary parts. However, not everything would be possible without generous donors from outside the university, which we heartily thank – reports AMW.

Equipment collection continues

The university is constantly receiving signals from nearby schools asking for support.

Therefore, we encourage you to donate old equipment. Computers aren’t necessarily used in cavities of cabinets, basements, and attics, but they can help those in need. We also encourage schools to advertise such campaigns among parents. Of course, these computers will then go to these enterprises – to inform the leader. Wojciech MundtSpokesman for the Naval Academy in Gdynia.
The minimum requirement is a 2.0 GHz processor with 2 cores and 4 GB of RAM or the possibility of expansion It is also important that the computer is not manufactured before 2012.

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Computer Shops and Services in Tree City

Used computers support the learning of young Gdynia citizens along with new equipment, purchased since the start of the epidemic with Gdynia funds, government subsidies and thanks to private enterprise initiatives.

Students in grades 1-3 of elementary schools were studying full-time as of January 18th.  Distance learning is still mandatory for students of the larger grades of primary and secondary schools.

Students 1-3 of elementary schools were studying full-time as of January 18. Distance learning is still mandatory for students of the older grades of elementary and high schools.

When high school students moved a few months ago in front of computer screens at home, laptops became one of the most pressing needs for many. The restrictions related to the coronavirus epidemic mean that local and government governments have not only been involved in regulating distance education equipment, but also many popular initiatives have been created, thanks to which students can acquire the tools necessary for learning.

Hundreds of laptops and tablets for students from Gdynia

Dozens of modernized laptops are an important building block in the whole process of equipping Gdynia Schools students with the necessary equipment. Until the end of December, thanks to the city of Gdynia, its own funds and government subsidies They bought a total of 307 new laptops and 54 tablets. For distance learning purposes, around 1,500 laptops were rented, which were used in Gdynia schools on a daily basis.

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Gdynia companies – Galeria Klif, Centrum Riviera, Port Gdynia and Refinitiv have also joined in purchasing equipment for students. Total an additional 145 computers and 190 tablets, plus printers, headphones, and antivirus software. Last week, Gdynia also received 20 laptops with funding from the Supreme Chamber of Observation.

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Providing students with the equipment needed for distance learning was a huge logistical challenge, managed thanks to the fast work, but also with the big expenses incurred by the city. It’s an investment in the quality of Gdynia’s education, which has always been a brand in its own right, and now it also performs well in the unusual circumstances we’ve been in for several months. Many thanks also to private companies who generously supported our students with the purchase of several hundred more equipment, he says Bartosz BartosevicVice President of Gdynia for Quality of Life.