There are more and more scammers on the Internet who have more and more ways to steal someone else’s money. Apps that do not seem suspicious at first glance are useful. Unfortunately, phone security isn’t always able to detect dangerous apps. Meanwhile, hackers infect programs that appear in the Google Play Store and then obtain their victims’ data to log into banking apps. There is a new list of applications that can be infected for this. They contain a so-called Trojan named Clast82. Check out the list later in the gallery!

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This is how apps steal your data and money. Pay attention to what you download from Google Play!

Hackers can bypass all security measures and then activate the malware, thanks to which they gain access to the bank account data of their victims. Fraudsters almost control infected phones. Not only do they have access to the photos, messages, and other materials of their victims, but most of all they get a password and login for online banking. Funds are stolen gradually, starting with small sums.

  • It starts by downloading a seemingly innocuous app from the Google Play Store.
  • These, however, may contain a Clast82 Trojan horse.
  • Clast82 is activating a virus on the machine.
  • With the help of a virus, a hacker takes control of the phone, including login details for online banking.

Be careful with these apps on Google Play! They might have malware! See the list in the gallery below!