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Microsoft has full hands with Windows 10. It’s not just about fixing errors that appear in the system from time to time (Either after the flawed updates or revealing them years later) is still trying to update the “ten”.

Microsoft will update the look of Windows 10

It is known informallyMicrosoft plans to introduce a full package of changes to the system, known so far under the collective name “Sun Valley”. We have now learned that most likely one of them is the update of the appearance of open windows in Windows 10. The new interface was noticed in one of the not yet ready-made system suites.

The Windows factory plans to replace the sharp edges (which have been in “Ten” for years) with windows with gently rounded corners. Rounded edges should get, among other things, all system apps, settings windows, the Action Center, and the Start menu.

The changes show that Microsoft has finally wanted to revamp the interface that has not been updated for a long time. On the one hand, it is very accurate, which indicates that the company did not want to overdo it in order not to get angry with its users. Interestingly, it’s also an interesting return to the past. Microsoft used round edges for many years until the era of Windows 8, when the well-known interface was completely changed.

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A new, nicer interface in Windows 10 Makes system similar to Windows 10xAbove that Action It continues. This is not a coincidence anyway. Long-standing rumors suggest that Microsoft will make Windows 10 look similar to the more recent Windows 10X. It is already known that an all-new “Action Center” “Taken” of the 10X will appear in the traditional version of “Ten”.

It is not certain when the changes will begin to arrive in the final builds of Windows 10, however, it is unofficially said that it could happen this year with the system’s fall update.