Noah Gobi is only 15 years old and has 14 productions under his belt. You might remember him from “A Quiet Place,” where he played John Krasinski’s son and Emily Blunt in a world dominated by sensitive monsters of the smallest of voices. He was in the cast of “Ford vs. Ferrari” and “Słodziak”. Recently, he surprised with his acting skills on HBO’s “Od Nowa”. Noah played the son of Fraser. The 15-year-old is definitely one of the hottest stars in the world of cinema.

With this talent, he can win not only the most prestigious awards. First of all, he can build up a fortune that will make him last a lifetime. It really does earn better than many corporate executives. Means how much?

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It was known for quite some time that Jupe would star in Stephen Soderberg’s new movie – No Surprise Move. The cast also includes Don Cheadle, Pensio Del Toro, and David Harbor. It is revealed that the 15-year-old will be paid 840,000 for this movie. Dollars! And this is not all.

According to US portals including, Noah can also count on $ 100 per day wages to cover necessary expenses during his stay in the USA. The production also pays for his and his family’s trips from Great Britain to the United States and a 3-room apartment while working on the set.

Your teen can also count on similar financial conditions while working on “rebuilding”. Jupe has canceled the fabulous $ 600,000. TMZ journalists have found documents clearly showing that the Briton can count on business class flights and a suite for himself and his parents. He also had a wage of $ 100 per day per contract plus $ 350 per week for Uber.

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If Noah Gobi gets a win, how much do Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant win? Cosmic magnitudes.

Jupe, even though she has a career in Hollywood, is humble. He lives with his parents in Manchester. Dad was an actor, and today he’s a filmmaker. Mother – Katie Kavanagh – is a well-known actress from the “Coronation Street” tapeworm to the British. Noah admits in interviews that he is glad he lives away from Hollywood, because long plane flights separate “two worlds”. The place where he runs with his friends around the mall and where he performs alongside the world’s greatest celebrities.