Gemini Park Tarnów shopping center handed over the building to ul. 16 Pułku Piechoty to meet the needs of the SIEMACHA Spot Center to support children and youth.

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Tarnowska SIEMACHA is a unique place, a space for fun and learning, and is located right next to the shopping center. For 10 years, the building has served as a day support facility, which carries out comprehensive activities for children and youth. There is also the Com Com Zone fitness club, run by community workers.

Studios and offices in Gemini Park Tarnów shopping center

The area of ​​the three-storey real estate, which the Foundation acquired, is approximately 2000 square meters. Square meters and it consists of several modernly arranged rooms equipped for workshops and offices used in children’s daily activities. There is also a kitchen with a spacious dining room.

Interestingly, the building itself was designed by one of the facility’s earlier drawings and is currently working as an employee at Gemini Holding in Krakow.

The facility has been operating in Tarnów for 10 years

The idea to bring SIEMACHA to Tarnów was a joint initiative of the father. Andrzej Augustyński, President of DEMOS Foundation and Rafał Sonik, President of Gemini Holding.

– The fact that this occurs alongside the title deed makes us deeply rooted in Tarnów and makes us more responsible for the fate of children in these troubled times. From today we are here at home, dealing with local problems as our own. Through thick and thin, says the father. Andrzej Augustyński.

He does not hide his joy with the gesture of Raphael Sonic, who fulfilled his word 10 years ago about the future transfer of ownership to the foundation of the building.

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A place to play and learn

Tarnowski Spot is a unique place. Here, young people can not only do their homework or benefit from educational aids, but they can also discover new interests, play musical instruments, create artworks or develop theater skills. They help with this Free workshopsSupport for personal, educational, social and physical growth and many excursions. Pupils can also count on the help of professionals: psychologists, educators, teachers and teachers in technical classes.

– The unique SIEMACHA initiative showed that despite the widespread digitization of life, children and youth still desire to have their own space where they spend time together. They can meet, play and learn there – from each other and from others – says Rafael Sonic, CEO of Gemini Holding.

He adds that the SIEMACHA interest became his second family.

I am proud to watch these young men, who are mostly adults, develop in their personal and professional lives thanks to the fact that one day they crossed the threshold of the slick. Sonik says such places that inspire, teach responsibility and collaborate should exist and evolve with future generations in mind.

Nearly 200 young people between the ages of 7 and 18 attend SIEMACHA in Tarnów. Two years ago, the association took on a new mission, namely, to run institutions for the elderly (SIEMACHA Nestor Spot) and institutions for parents with children up to 3 years old (SIEMACHA Parent Spot). The Siemacha Association also operates 5 sports facilities: three in Krakow, one in Tarnów, and one in Odporyszów.

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