If the described patient works in IT and earns that amount, she should fire her, apparently because they are paying her too much, and she has to go to a psychiatric hospital in the National Health Trust, that would save her. The Poles are fine. I only earn about 3000 PLN a month and have to pay for the house heating, gas, electricity, water, taxes, and I spend two-thirds of my salary on an extra payment to the nursing home for a sick mother, whose local community, despite the NSA ruling, does not want to send To DPS, so the mother should be located in a special place, where there are no luxuries and he pays his entire rent there and I pay extra, I spend at least PLN 2000 rarely on food a month, but I buy myself some specialized perfume, and even aromas . I feed stray cats, birds, hedgehogs, deer, the same grain feeds more than a ton a year, and hundreds of kilograms of food for cats, I do not know how by a miracle I could not buy. Of course, I also help the foundation and myself send cat food to Ukraine for the girls working there, because they help people, and there is no one for the animals. And I have savings. It’s true that I haven’t gone on vacation for 8 years, but I will choose in the future. I do not order sushi or canned diet, but I order table-vases roses from the Orgodniczy Muszyński Center, because I feel sorry for cutting them from the garden, where they grow, and besides, they are all year round and at cheaper prices than in flower shops, and they send them for free with smart. In addition, I put in the garden at a vegetable seller (something has failed in the past two years, and it turned out to be cheaper and easier to buy than to take care of yourself and nothing grows) tulips for a cut flower. It will be beautiful. And I don’t cry because I don’t have any money. I work, and earn a little, because others do not give themselves bonuses, and consider me a sucker for whom I do not need raises. This Life. You have to enjoy what you have and cook delicious things yourself, and don’t overpay for sushi and squares.

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