According to Marcin Romanowski, Deputy Minister of Justice, who was today a guest of TV, the attacks by the European Commission on the Polish Constitutional Court are an element of federalism and centralization of society that is dangerous for Poland.

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This is another attack by the European Commission on Poland. I remember the words of Frederick II, who spoke of the partitions of Poland, like shredding more artichoke leaves

– Marcin Romanowski said on TV.

The goal is to impose certain procedures on the judges of the Constitutional Court. You can see that the tail is wagging the dog. European institutions to which member states have delegated certain competencies want to decide on these competencies and their scope. After all, the member states are “treaty masters,” in the words of the German Constitutional Court. What is happening now is not even federalism. This is completely centralized and is in Germany’s interest.

– The Deputy Minister of Justice argued.

Hearing the idea of ​​transferring surplus gas to Germany, we begin to understand what is really happening here. It is about plundering Poland and other member states of its sovereignty. We are dealing with the negative actions of ordinary people. No coal in Silesia? These are the effects of crazy climate policy

Marcin Romanovsky added.

Germany does not want a veto

The Deputy Minister of Justice also referred to the idea of ​​Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who criticizes the European veto.

The veto determines the possibility of maintaining order. It is a tool that ensures equality among member states. Thanks to this, the Union worked for years to create a space for freedom and dialogue, and now it wants to be a space for German hegemony. We have repeatedly pointed out to politicians in “Solidarna Polska” that Poland has not sufficiently vetoed. This is the only way we can defend the interests of the Poles

– said Marcin Romanovsky.

I have the impression that now is the last moment to withdraw from the naive path of compromise with the European Union and move to decisive action. Like a veto until

– added.