A mother of four refuses to send her children to school “until Covid is completely gone,” as her twin children have been left “crying and holding their head in pain” since they were infected with the virus.

Andrea Mason, 32, her son Stewart, 13, and two one-year-old twins, Chloe and Keeva were tested. Corona Virus.

The mother, from Scotland, said that she and her twins had a terrible cough. Sore throat And a headache since they contracted the virus.

Only her 14-year-old daughter, Colin, is still waiting for the results of the Covid test, but Andrea thinks it will be positive, Daily log reports.

Andrea, her son Stuart, 13, and her twin children contracted the virus while Coleen (pictured) awaited her results.

Andrea described how the family began feeling unwell after sending her son Stuart home from school to self-isolation after a classmate tested positive.

She said, “This virus is so horrific, and I think we haven’t even witnessed the worst of it.”

Our symptoms are actually very mild compared to some of the people in the hospital, but honestly it’s the worst I’ve ever felt.

“The girls are crying and holding their heads in pain. We did not go out for Christmas shopping and we did not see anyone.

“The only place my kids go is school, and Stuart was sent home to isolate him last week.

“It’s not the school’s fault that the kids are all there together.

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Andrea’s twins have been left “crying and holding their head in pain” because they suffer from chronic headaches.

“But I can’t risk it anymore, and I don’t want my girls to feel this way again.

“I will not take my children back to school until this virus is completely gone.”

The mother plans to educate her children at home and asks their school to send the work home.

“I don’t care what someone says to me,” she added. “My children will not go back to school until the situation calms down.

“I will call the school and see if they can provide them with work to complete at home.

“I should be able to go back to home school as soon as I feel better, but for now this virus has completely infected me.”

Andrea, from Kilwinning, says that until her home became infected, she didn’t think the symptoms of Covid19 would be “that bad”.

She said, “I knew it was bad for the elderly and people with health conditions, but I honestly thought we wouldn’t get it, and if we did it would just be a cold, but it’s not.”

“It feels so horrible and I don’t hope that happens to anyone.

“I think people take it for granted. Some walk around the stores like they would any other day, some refuse to wear masks and don’t sanitize their hands, but until you get them, you don’t realize how bad it is.”