TikTok is not easy. Not that we were surprised by this fact, because the app is accused very seriously of not being interesting practices. The company’s questionable credibility in matters of user privacy and data collection means that In the United States, serious characters are simply tired tik toka – And they want to stop him. Will the tech giants agree to such a drastic step?

TikTok in the spotlight. second

The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC), through its Chairman Brendan Carr, has renewed its appeals The Google And the appleCalling tech giants to take appropriate steps against the popular app. Their goal would be to remove programs from Google Play and the App Store.

The reason for these actions by the commission is concerns about software practices not very clear, and the issue of national security has also been raised. Later this year, they reported problems with the app Services in the USAbut anyway This was not the first time In the history of TikTok.

Entertainment is just a facade

FCC Chairman Brendan Carr made it very clear in a Twitter post — in his opinion and that of the commission, the mantle of entertainment through funny videos and memes is just a facade, and it’s the same TikTok is what is called wolf in sheep’s clothing. Instead, the software is a very complex and cunning tool for collecting and storing a large amount of sensitive data for its users around the world.

TikTok clearly poses an unacceptable security risk given its extensive data collection combined with Beijing’s seemingly uncontrolled access to such sensitive information, such as users.Brendan Carr, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission

The fight continues

Quarrels between the US administration and ByteDance (the owner of the TikTok app) are in full swing. The latter consistently denies that their collection of information violates privacy or security standards in any way, and the former does not do so directly, but suggests that the Beijing government may have access to it.

Perhaps, and this time, there will be no specific reactions from the tech giants. Donald Trump has already tried to fight the app, yet the intended effects have not materialized.

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