The largest technical university in the region signed a cooperation agreement with the State Forestry. Both sides will benefit from this.

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Bialystok University of Technology has signed a cooperation agreement with the Regional State Forestry Directorate. The plans include joint activities, research and postgraduate studies.

– The Institute of Forest Sciences educates forest workers, and scientists from this Institute conduct innovative large-scale research – states the rector of Białystok University of Technology Marta Kosyur-Kazperuk. – Their subject is, among others, the natural environment of forests, and the Regional State Forestry Directorate becomes a natural partner of Białystok University of Technology. The agreement opens up new opportunities for cooperation, supplementing it with new forms, in addition, it opens not only the Institute of Forest Sciences, but also opportunities for other institutes. Forests are our common interest – let’s defend and take care of them. We value them very much, but it is important that we work together on their behalf.

Director of the Regional Directorate of Forestry in Białystok – Andrei Nowak is happy that he will now be able to benefit from the support and knowledge of eminent scientists working at the University of Technology

– We are happy to use the knowledge of professors and doctors of Białystok University of Technology – says M.Sc. Andre Joseph Nowak. – The jungle is a large open lab, and a great lecture hall, which we are happy to provide and hope that science really goes into the jungle. We hope that students studying at Biaystok University of Technology will gain extensive and useful knowledge of state forests, because the forest is the most important thing for a forester.

Thanks to the collaboration, forestry students will be able to use the knowledge that will allow them to work in units dealing with forest management, nature protection and the environment in the future: in state forests, forest management offices, forest surveying and management of national parks and parks, as well as employment in forest-related branches of economics, including that. In service plants used in forest management, forestry research and development units and general management units.

– We teach students who often work later in the state forests – says the professor. Sawamir Bakir, Director of the Forest Science Institute at WBiNS PB. We also conduct research to connect us with regional resources. We have the ability to look to the future and expand current forms of cooperation. I hope this agreement will lead to further research, another opportunity to share our existing resources in the region and potentially raise qualifications for both the foresters and the Forest Science Institute staff.

Scientists from Białystok University of Technology will also look at how technological advances can positively affect forests.

– Technological progress has always depended on collaboration between science and practice and we want to develop this collaboration for the benefit of forests and the region – emphasizes Dr. M. Robert Sirek, Head of the Department of Forest Economics of the Regional Directorate of State Forests in Białystok. We have to work to keep our forests healthy, resilient, and diverse. We must also ensure that our forests are multifunctional and serve the entire region, both for those who rest, for those who work there, and for those who use renewable natural resources in the form of wood. We want to work together to leave forests that are at least as good or even better for future generations.

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The results of joint activities will be documented in the form of papers, monographs, scientific publications, and even doctoral and post-doctoral theses.