Because of the new platform, which is Disney + entering many European countries, the studio is closing the broadcast of Fox and Disney Junior channels in three countries. But not in Poland.

The studio does not intend, for the time being at least, to deprive Polish viewers, especially the younger generation, of access to its channels. What is the reason for that?

Disney – studios shut down channels

In three countries, and there may be more, in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Disney is closing its Fox and Disney Junior channels. The programming show, which includes series, cartoons and all kinds of animation, will be transferred in October of this year to the streaming platform, the new Disney VOD platform – Disney +.

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At the same time, some of the products that have appeared so far on Disney Junior will go to the Disney Channel. The only channels that will be maintained in these countries are National Geographic and National Geographic Wild. Disney won’t touch this.

Disney – Channels will not be closed in Poland

The display of Disney Channels in our country will not change. All of the above channels remain unchanged in the TV show. Although in most countries Disney channels will be gradually transferred to the broadcasting platform, for example in Great Britain, there will be no changes in our country.

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Thus, for the time being, Polish viewers will still have access to a fairly wide selection of Disney channels. They include: Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior, Fox, Fox Comedy, National Geographic, National Geographic Wild, and National Geographic People.

Disney+ – New Streaming Platform Launch Delayed

Is the reason for not deleting Disney channels because of the delay in launching its VOD platform, Disney +, in Poland? Of course, we cannot give an unambiguous answer to such a question.

However, one thing is true, that the launch of the Disney VOD platform in our country is long overdue. Some time ago, there was information about the second half of 2021, something was mentioned about the summer months, while Disney does not have specific details. The studio is silent, which could suggest that the Disney+ platform launch has been delayed again. All that remains is to wait for some information about it.

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Disney – Wrote

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