Natalia Nickel just released the single “PRIDE” along with a video where we can see her in a bold new release! The song is a preview of her upcoming album, which will likely be released in the fall.

Natalia Nickel She started her career very early. At the age of eighteen, she applied for a musical talent show Poland’s voice And I got to the end of it. Soon, she began her solo career, focusing on new electronic sounds and expressive imagery.

To tell our own story, scream our truths and whisper our hidden fears, the artist invites us into the land of an alchemical fairy tale in a dark romantic style. It’s a journey through a fascinating dystopia, dark and incomprehensible, yet addictive and electrifying. The song “PRIDE” is only the first part of the disturbing universe of Natalia’s new project. Certainly the least dark – informs the management of the artist.

The premiere of the piece is accompanied by a stunning music video directed by asukasz Zabłocki. This is a conscious, mature creation that will continue in the following videos for the new album. In this we see the artist in a new hairstyle, but also in a bold style, as befits her. Natalia boldly reveals her body, we can see cellulite, her skin has not been treated. You can see that the artist feels good in her body and can enjoy it, it is a field of creative experiments for her.. This fits right in with the track released in July about celebration and respect that we widely understand diversity He emphasizes that this is a task for the whole year and for each day, not just for a specific period.

The core values ​​of our European culture – such as equality, tolerance and openness – cannot be destroyed and their core should never be the subject of any discussion. If we add to them the greatest force that moves the world forward, that is, love, we will touch the essence of beauty. Although she may have a different face for everyone – the artist says about the song “PRIDE” from the upcoming album.

In the video accompanying the song pride Not only clothes attract attention, but also the new hairstyle of Nykiel, who chose a very fashionable coloring reverse shadow, in another meaning. Inverted ombre. Includes dyeing the lower part of dark hair. This trend prevailed in the early twenty-first century. Lately, it’s come back in favour, at least thanks to Billie Eilish, who decided to contrast it with green and black. Natalia chose a version that strongly suggests what we had on our heads, for example in 2000. This hairstyle is very effective and stands out from the crowd, but it requires a lot of effort, especially if we also decide to color in the upper part.

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Photo by asukasz Zabłocki

Of course, for the first time, Natalia Nickel was not surprised with her photo. The artist has a nose for trends and every new musical version is a chance for her to try on hair, makeup or clothes.

It is noteworthy that the singer since the beginning of her career supports young designers such as Carolina Miko, Alexandra Kucharczyk and Adrian Krupa, but she often appears in projects. Gosia Baczyńska whether, what Marius Przybylski.

The artist has also repeatedly been surprised by stage costumes created in collaboration with her longtime designer Starka (Iwona Łęczycka). Nykiel’s iconic style, for example, a jacket with an image of the Mother of God from a New Year’s Eve party by TVN, donated to GOCC Auctions, or a jacket from non-existent designer Christian Paul (made famous on TVP). It has been commented on by everyone: from fashion bloggers to journalists to politicians.

Nykiel with her distinctive style, makeup and hairstyles inspires not only young people, but also celebrities. Her iconic shoulder story has been repeated by many influencers and celebrities, for example mafashion, and distinctive retro waves, among others, Brodick in session for his latest album. Lots of photos showing Natalia’s style changes can be found at the top of the page.

Nykiel is one of the most interesting and valuable Polish artists of the younger generation. He has a lot of awards and prizes: from gold, to platinum and diamond records for his albums and singles, to international awards for music videos such as Queen Palm International Film in Palm Springs, Fryderyk for the latest album oregoor the address Glamor Women of the Year. She was also a two-time GLAMOR cover star!

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Collaborated with the most important Polish and international artists: incl. Kasia Nosowska, David Podsiado, Sococh, British Revelation of Soul Music Dali and Jardim Leto.

Photography by Bowie Zaniu

last album orego The album was released on world markets and began a completely new chapter in her career, the album received excellent reviews, and Natalia was invited to the most important festivals in Germany, Great Britain and the USA.

At the moment, Natalia’s discography ends with the aforementioned sexy album oregowho got it Fryderyka 2020 in the Electronics Album of the Year category. Caliph of paintings lupus electrophoresisAnd the discord I orego It will be released later this year. We can’t wait!

Natalia has been actively supporting minorities since the very beginning of her activity. She made the LGBTQ community fall in love with her music. All Polish media talked about her raucous performance at the Live Festival in Krakow and a speech in defense of the LGBTQ community in 2019. Then she performed Lady Gaga’s song born this way.

The artist also supports organizations that deal with deaf children (she recorded a special version of the music video for the hit song half step with deaf children). She has also advocated for women’s rights many times, because she is not afraid to speak about important issues.

During the pandemic, Natalia Nickel, who was inevitably deprived of the opportunity to give concerts like other artists, decided to share her passion and knowledge by recording a podcast. Understand the Latin language. It deals with interesting as well as important topics, offering feminist flair at the same time.

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By the way, let’s mention that Nickel loves not only Latin, but also a graduate of Latin American and Caribbean cultural studies. And whenever he could, he visited the countries of Latin America. The podcast aims to raise awareness of the music we listen to and interest in genres that are not very obvious to Poland.

I’m talking about Spanish and Portuguese songs, albums and artists. There are many popular songs in Poland, but as listeners we do not know why they are important and what they are telling about. By the way, I often share surprising historical and cultural facts in the field of Latin music. I invite guests too – Nikhil describes his podcast.

Natalia started her career on the aforementioned TVP – in the second edition to be exact Poland Voice. On her eighteenth birthday, she took part in the so-called blind tests. song performance Problem From the Coldplay group’s repertoire the happiest coaches. Natalya joined the team of Patrycja Markowska and reached the final. Immediately after the program, she started working on her debut material, which was released as an album lupus electrophoresis. Included hits like be big whether, what wolk.

Natalia Nickel is closely related to her family, and whenever she can, she visits her family Bikki, located in Masuria near Margou. During the various musical events in Mrągowo, Natalia took her first steps on the stage.