Ubisoft has just confirmed a brand new version of The Division series. The company is expanding its activities in the free production segment 2, at the same time offering players another position dedicated to mobile devices. We learned the details of The Division’s return.

The Division Resurgence is the next installment in the The Division series, which, according to the information provided, “is a core business that introduces a new plot, different classes and challenges the enemy factions.” However, the title won’t migrate to Sony, Microsoft, or even Nintendo consoles, and instead will be available in production in a free 2-play business model on iOS and Android mobile devices.

“The Division Resurgence is a tactical, story-based action game that offers a third-person perspective. It captures the full experience known from the paid versions in HD, adapted for mobile devices. It is a completely new innovation in the world of Tom Clancy’s The Division with a lot of new content: The story, character chapters, and more.”

Ubisoft confirms that The Division Resurgence brings the well-known gameplay of The Division to a new platform – players can count on a new and independent story set in a vast and open world, and during the game we will freely explore the city and even “admire the amazing graphics”. In the game, we will have access to single-player and co-op (PVE) – the authors will offer different story missions and activities.

The Division Resurgence takes place in contemporary post-crisis New York and offers a unique look at key events from The Division and The Division 2. Chaos continues to ravage New York, and players are the first contact agents representing the secret agency “Strategic Homeland Division” whose mission will be to protect civilians from Factions enemy and help them build a better future. Players will discover new characters with long stories and powerful enemies with demanding skills.”

In The Division Resurgence, we will be personalizing characters, collecting equipment, improving equipment, and of course we will face a variety of threats. The title is to present challenges to new players who do not yet know this universe, but also to experienced IP fans. Ubisoft confirms that they have taken care of tuning the entire gameplay for mobile devices.

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The Division Resurgence is another big brand that has had a hit on consoles and PC, and now the developers will be trying to take that experience to mobile devices. For example, recently we were able to play Diablo Immortal, Apex Mobile, PUBG and Call of Duty, and in the future we will check out Battlefield or it looks like there is also a Destiny mobile game.

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