Will the British GP be played in F1 without problems? This is a legitimate question after Northamptonshire Police issued a special warning. It appears that a group of protesters wants to disrupt the next race.

Łukasz Kuczera

Lewis Hamilton celebrates winning Silverstone

PRESS MATERIAL / Pirelli Media / Pictured: Lewis Hamilton celebrates his victory at Silverstone

Formula 1 is a sport beloved by Britons, as evidenced by the crowds at Silverstone’s Friday training. It’s rare for stands to explode at the seams during the first sessions. In the meantime, we’re seeing photos like these during the British Grand Prix.

However, Northamptonshire Police on Friday issued a special warning as it emerged that some groups could use the upcoming F1 race for political demonstrations. Officers cite “reliable sources”.

“We are dealing with this group of people directly. We strongly urge you – do not put your health, your driver, your officials and your fans at risk. Your reckless plan could put the lives of many people at risk,” the police wrote in a special statement.

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“Of course, everyone in this country has the right to protest. We will be happy to help you organize a peaceful march on the track. However, do not create any life-threatening situation during the race” – added the services.

According to information collected by British services, some fans will take into account the protests over entering the track during Sunday’s F1 race.

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While accidents like this often happen in football stadiums, with fans running onto the pitch, it’s hard to find something like this happening in the queen of motorsports. This is due, inter alia, to the fact that the racetrack is usually located tens or even tens of meters from the stands. This gives the security enough time to respond.

Protested at the F1 race at Silverstone in 2020. Then the police arrested four people who entered the track and hung a special sign. Activists wanted to draw attention to the necessity of the fight for the climate.

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