The second edition of the Night of Science in Karrubi. In Mały Copernicus, there were experiments on fire and dry ice

The Perseids fell on the same night

This year’s organizers focused on astronomy, chemistry and physics. There were waiting stands for participants in the event located in the Mały Copernicus district, next to the elementary school in Krobi, where Among other things, they can observe the night sky with the help of telescopes – The moon, Jupiter and Saturn were visible, as well as the stars of the meteor (Percedis).

Faces painted with fluorescent paint made a great impression

On the next astronomical stop, it was possible to travel to our solar system, where models of planets in the Milky Way were suspended from LEDs. It was also possible to play a light game,”Electronically stealing your color or viewing visualizations of your own voice. Face painting station with fluorescent paints, which when illuminated with UV light, gave amazing visual effects that were also very popular.

Maybe a nice picture with Maria Skłodowska-Curie or Einstein

In addition, there were lectures on astronomy, conducted in a special spherical tent.

– There were also chemical shows, where we used the properties of dry ice, and physics shows, where we visualized sound and talked about light, or a show with fire, where the leader lit her hands and a rotating tray – says Catarzina Obida, president of the Mercury Association.

There were also performances of shooting and holograms.

During the event, there were also figures of Maria Skodowska-Curie and Albert Einstein, with whom you can take a photo.

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