Radomir Obruciak (5-0, 1 KO) unanimously defeated Piotr Godel (10-6-1, 1 KO) in the evening bout and won the Polish professional champion belt in the super feather category. Six duels were held at the shipyard in Gdansk during the inaugural Polsat Boxing Promotion Ceremony.

Gudel, multiple medalist of the national championship among amateurs, could not boast of a very successful streak. He lost three of the previous four fights, his last defeat being on 20 June 2020 in Arłamów, when he was knocked out by Kamil Łaszczyk.

The return to the ring after 14 months was not particularly successful for the boxer from Bialystok. Bolstered into the corner by Dariusz Snarski, the 31-year-old succumbed to the much taller and four-years-young Oberwinak. However, it must be admitted that Goodell showed a lot of heart to fight and raise the level of his opponent.

Obruśniak, the Polish lightweight champion since 2018 (he won the title in his hometown of Carlino), consistently beat his opponent’s legion, which counted in the seventh round. However, Gödel did not give up, and in the next round, right after hitting the stump, the referee counted Oberoiñak.

In the last two confrontations, the players did not count and went to exchange blows. The judges decided that Oberoiñak was better at this law and scored a win of 99:90, 96:92, and 95:93.

“I won this title for my son. He turned one year old today and this is a gift for him. I want to keep moving, level up and climb the next ranks. At one point, I had a crisis, but I don’t want to say where it came from and the winners haven’t been judged. I’m happy Because I beat Butrik, who turned out to be a tough player. The victor commented on Polsat Sport.

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Ihosvany Garcia (5-0, 3 KOs), who signed a contract with Polsat Boxing Promotions, showed good performance in the supermedium category. The Cuban apparently saved Damien Smagell (1-2, 0 KO), who sent him to the boards in the second and fifth rounds. Garcia may have finished this fight early, but he didn’t really push the pace and eventually won the high points.

In previous duels, Michai Shunyowski (3-2) in light heavyweight 2 won a tie with Konrad Kachmarkewicz (3-1, 1 KO), on average Remigius Ronovsky (2-0, 2 KO) defeated Kamil Zicevic by technical knockout. . In the fourth round (0-2), Krakian Krulikowski (1-0-1) tied with Niko Zdonovsky (1-0-1) in welterweight, and Quinn Geepas (1-0), who made his debut in the professional ring. Islam Majrasułtanowa (0-2) scored unanimously. (PAP)

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