It can be said that the year 2021 on the Polish highway is symbolized by the second number. After two years of reign, Bartosz Smyrzlik was eliminated from the throne of the world champion and took second place behind Artem Agutta. The team led by Rafay Dubrok finished second in the Speedway of Nations, because despite having a ten-point lead after the main round, they lost the final to the host nation – Great Britain. We received three pieces of silver in four copies and we are still waiting for the gold.

The Nothing Funny Champion Cesare Bazora could be in the top five with our motorcyclists. Adaś Miauczyński was always second. “I am still the second in my life. Even when I was somewhere first, I felt like second, second in 1500, second in Poland, second in the station, second in the herbarium … ”And also on the highway.

Regardless of whether the regulations are stupid, unfair and target Poles, in order to reduce our dominance, we must learn to lose. Instead of focusing on ourselves, we often look for alternative themes to justify ourselves. After all, if Janowski had not fallen, he would have made it to the finish line, perhaps at least third in “ahs” and “ohs” there would be no end. It would be illogical to fully discuss the rules.

While Krzystyniak was screaming on our pages that we had exploded in a balloon, he spat in our face that we were rocking the World Highway and we didn’t get any. Krzysztof Cegielski pleads with the highway authorities not to stand idly by in taking the subsequent blows, but to hit the table with their fists. I respect, everyone has the right to express their opinions and in some way agree with them, but I will not be too strict. Why do we not humbly accept what fate has given us? We will not sprinkle ashes on our heads, but rather blame everything around us. We are offended when someone writes that the favorite national sport of Poles is complaining.

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We lost all the achievements from two days in the final. Well, it’s true, but if we’ve been wearing British boots for a while we can’t do it, but with a little itch, we’ll make it to the finals and win, be a patriotic frenzy.

At the GP, for example, in 2019 the method of recording changed. In the context of the competition, there is no longer any more points and a situation where the winner may receive a lower performance than the competitor than the runner-up. Now there are points for individual places. This is less fair as randomness is promoted. Just crawl to the semi-finals and the fun will start all over again. And in my opinion that’s average, but somehow after Zimmerzlik defended the title, I didn’t hear anyone would be bothered by the new regulations.

Our master dealt with violations of new regulations and regulations. Of course, he understands that we play SoN at a distance of the enemy, in two days the Grand Prix consists of eleven championships and there is an opportunity to fix or compensate for losses.