On Tuesday, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Institute of Management of Szczecin University at ul. Cucrowa 8 in Room 11 will be the next “Organization Day”. This time under the theme “Faces of Organization – A Challenge for Science and Business”. You can also follow the event on the institute’s social media.

The “Organization Day” series was launched in 2019. Its goals are: intergenerational integration of the inhabitants of Szczecin and the surrounding area, the consolidation of knowledge about the organization and the role it plays in the modern world (the organization is considered from different points of view, through different sciences), the building of balance and harmony Between the world of science and the world of practice, meeting with specialists and researchers from organizations (from various sciences: management, economics, and in the future also biology, physics, chemistry, astronomy, law, sociology, psychology, etc.) and meeting with practitioners – representatives of the business world.

What’s on the agenda on Tuesday? Including a lecture on the environmental dimension of organization by Dr. Lydia Koz or a speech on “A recipe for perfect organization so that everything goes smooth and sweet” by Celestina Krajczynska from Celestine Miracles.

Organization Day is open and dedicated to all those interested in the topic of the Organization, its diversity in the modern world and the secrets of its work. The Institute of Management invites students, doctoral students, researchers and residents of Szczecin and the surrounding area.