The black faceplate of the PS5 DualSense controller appears to be removable, indicating that gamers could replace it with custom designs in the future. Video from John Glasgock On YouTube, the black bottom paint covering the DualSense joystick can be cut and reapplied with relative ease, “with little to no tools required”. Glasscock is shown removing the plate by simply grasping the sides of the tip and applying some force, although previously he may have used a thin tool to loosen the plate. It’s not clear if removing the board would void any warranty on the controller, so we currently don’t recommend trying it yourself.

This indicates that players will be able to customize their DualSense, either through first-party reviews of the controller or third-party solutions (subject to Sony’s approval). However, whether it is possible to sell third-party panels is currently in the air – just this week, we saw a third-party outlet creating custom panels for the PS5 console itself apologizing and canceling all orders after the company came under pressure from Sony.The video also shows how the game controller light bar works on PS4 via remote play and introduces some PS3 games using the DualSense terminal. As it was revealed earlier this week, DualSense doesn’t natively work with the PS4, but it does work as usual with the PS3, even though the PS3 games aren’t playable on the PS5.

If you want to know more about DualSense, check out our console preview along with some of Astro’s Playroom games. PlayStation 5 pre-orders are currently sold out, but if the number of orders increases, it will be in the PS5 pre-order directory immediately. For everything you need to know about PlayStation 5, check out our PS5 guide.

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