As you know, the PlayStation 5 is a rare commodity – it’s no surprise that when it goes on sale, players can fight for it.

Although 2.5 months have passed since the premiere of the new generation of consoles, getting the PS5 console is still a miracle for many people. Those who were unlucky in the premiere, It has to do with tasteOr fishing all the time when different stores complete their display with small amounts of equipment. Unfortunately, buying is also a very difficult task – because the robots are in motion They are wrapping devices en masse.

So how do you get around with computer software? Buy static equipment! However, it seems that in this case, you can not only lose patience, but also lose your health. Today in Yodobashi Camera, In Akihabara (Tokyo), a large number of PlayStation 5 consoles appeared. Unfortunately, despite the sellers’ hopes, the whole process was much less streamlined than expected.

Although everything seemed to be perfectly planned, Players set out to storm the store anyway They even jumped over each other to get equipment. As we can see in the many reports that people have posted on Twitter, The police had to get into the gameTo disperse the unruly crowd and de-escalate the whole situation – everything was extremely dangerous.