Kristen Steward played the main role in the movie “First Spencer Still”, which tells the story of Princess Diana, who was living a difficult life even though the whole world loved her. The first photo from the movie “First Spencer Still” set appeared on the net. How did Kristen Stewart perform as Queen of Human Hearts?

First Still Spencer: Will There Be New Success?

Work on “First Spencer Still” began in full swing. The film has been shot so far in Germany and Great Britain. The production, directed by Pablo Larrain, offers an unforgettable weekend spent by Diana at Queen Elizabeth II’s private home, Sandringham House. There, the Duchess made the final decision to divorce Prince Charles. Recall that the couple separated in 1992 due to Carole’s infidelity. The official divorce took place four years later.

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Kristen Steward as Diana

In an interview with “In Style”, the actress recently revealed the role Princess Diana It’s a big challenge for her. She paid special attention to the elegant and distinctive accent used by Diana.

– This accent is scary as hell because people know that sound and it is clear and distinctive – Says Kristen Steward. The actress has admitted that she actually has an accent coach that she works with a lot.

The star admits that before filming even began, she read a biography of Diana so that she could better prepare for the role.

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“This is one of the saddest stories ever, and I don’t just want to play Diana – I want to know her endlessly. By the way, it’s been a long time since I’ve been so excited to play any role – Steward says.

We will soon learn about Kristen Stewart’s performance as Princess Diana, and meanwhile, the first picture from the “First Spencer Still” set has gone viral on the net. Kristen Stewart is deceptively reminiscent of a princess who died tragically!

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Let’s add that Kristen Steward has already had the opportunity to play the roles of powerful, world-famous women. She actually played, among other things, the character of Jean Seberg and Joan Jett. The actress is in good hands with director Pablo Larrain, who specializes in segmented biographies. He has several critically acclaimed films. These include productions for Pablo Neruda and Jackie O. The director’s collaboration with the actress may also be fruitful.

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