The next game from Ustwo, the developer behind Monument Valley An excellent complement to it will be available in exactly one month. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure, that was It was officially revealed on July 20, It will arrive on Steam and its subscription-based Apple Arcade service on December 11th. The game is also announced for Console, but we don’t have a confirmed release date or platforms yet. However, we know that Alba is a game that is all about nature and what is possible when people come together. The team previously said it was a “very personal story” based on “employee memories of summers in the Mediterranean”.

Today’s announcement is not a big surprise. Like TouchArcade Reports, Page of the game Published on the App Store Yesterday, it revealed that it will be released on December 10 or 11, depending on the player’s timezone. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure Continued Collect carefully, Which is an exclusive timer on Apple Arcade Later released on Steam And updated Free conclusion level. It was a great offer of Apple service, which can now be had as part of Various Apple One packages. Ustwo Games has also confirmed this She is working on it Monument Valley 3, Although there is no information on when this will be announced. We suspect it is still far away.

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