The problem is that so far Google TV has only found the new Chromecast and will be present on the new Sony TVs. All other devices will receive the classic system update, and with today’s news, we know what to expect from it. No, Google will not offer Google TV for all devices, but it will maintain Android TV. The platform will receive an update that will change the layout of the elements and the appearance of the system, and even bring it closer to Google TV, but it is not a 1: 1 version.

I have reviewed Google TV which can replace Android TV. [poradnik jak zainstalować]

The new Android TV includes a fourth tab (in addition to Search, Home and Applications) called “Explore”. This is where suggested content from apps installed on the device will be displayed. It’s impossible not to notice the similarities with the “For You” section on Google TV, but the differences – regardless of the name – there are more, because there is also a division into series, movies and live content, rather than downloading In one bag.

Android TV is very similar to Google TV

So Android TV is similar in appearance to Google TV, but the label remains separate, and it is likely that more differences between the platforms will be found at a later time. Google plans to release Google TV recency only to new devices, leaving Android TV in place for everyone else. The new Android TV hits users in only a handful of countries (Australia, Canada, Germany and France), but Google promises that it will arrive in the coming weeks in the coming weeks.

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