G is known for his uncompromising style of cycling. He and his brother Dan repeatedly emphasized that the ways contenders in the World Cup are definitely too simple and very “bikepark”. With the initiative of these two, the Red Bull Hardline Competition was created, in which only a select few riders compete each year who, according to the organizers, are able to tackle the crazy road that Dyfi built in the UK.

Watch the craziest road Dan Atherton built over Dyfi Bikepark

In addition to organizing competitions, the Atherton brothers have also built unusual roads in their bike park. One of them is a mountain pass, which you can see in the video above. The path consists of several steps stepping down, each with a flight ranging from several to tens of meters.

It took several months to create the colossal streak. The Atherton crew has been planning this project for several years, and since J and Dan had extra free time in 2020, they finally decided to take on the challenge. Of course, there is no way to the top of the mountain, and the terrain is very unfriendly. Huge boulders hide beneath the thin layer of Earth, so jackhammers and pickaxes on their backs must have been moving.

As you may have seen in the video, in some places, the Gee flies 2-3 meters off the cliff, so there’s not the slightest mistake. One bad landing, one extremely difficult eruption, a sudden steering movement and it could lead to tragedy. By overcoming this crazy path, the knight from Great Britain showed not only great style, but also incredible mental strength. Only a person who is 100% sure of his skills, the equipment he rides on and the obstacles built on the road can do such a feat.

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