Members of the injury coaching staff, too.

Epidemic elimination matches will be played in the November window (12-15 November) in the tournament bubbles. Polish Group D will play in Istanbul, where the match will also be played. E with Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania and Albania.

Friday evening, the white and red camps began at Stare Babice near Warsaw. It was tested for the presence of the Coronavirus and all of them – in the players and the training machine – gave negative results. On Saturday, the team tested for the second time. A trip to Istanbul was scheduled for Monday.

Slovak coach Marus Kovacik’s team would play in Istanbul first against Belarus (12.11) and on Saturday against Great Britain. In November 2019, White and Red surrendered to the British, 4th Eurobasket Team in 2019 in Wałbrzych by 63:75. Then Belarus beat Great Britain in Manchester by 90:59 in the same window.

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