Matthew Strowman shared pirated copies on his website Toys On keyboard previous generations. That order did not appeal to Nintendo, which sued for copyright infringement and won in court in May. $2.1 million awarded. The penalty is divided into $50 payments. monthly. So it is easy to calculate that Storman will have to live for 3.5 thousand. years to pay off the full liability. The guy also had to close the gate, which left him out of business, which also ultimately lost Nintendo. It has also been uploaded Suggestion for a permanent ban on, but this was rejected.

Nintendo has not received the first payment

Nintendo announced that Storman didn’t even pay the first installment, although it wasn’t particularly high – Reported by After closing, the man lost You are They mainly live off unemployment benefits and food stamps. nintendo However, there is no legal remedy to make it pay. It should be noted that Storman agreed to fix this amount himself. may be revived

Matthew Strowman in Search profitsHe started thinking about restarting his portal. They are still available there Toys For older consoles, but of course without the Nintendo production. In addition, the failure to pay the first installment is supposed to confirm Sturman’s “disregard for legal obligations.” Therefore, Nintendo has asked the court to impose a complete ban on the owner of According to the company, this is an indispensable legal measure in this case.