2022-03-08 20:11

2022-03-08 20:11

Great Britain announces the Marshall Plan for Ukraine
Photo: Leon Neal/ /pa photo

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Tuesday announced the Marshall Plan to help rebuild Ukraine after the Russian invasion. The politician also stressed the need for independence from Russian oil and gas, “even if it is very difficult for some.”

“We have agreed that there is a need to show the Ukrainian people now that whatever happens, when a free, independent, sovereign Ukraine is indeed brought back to life and security, we will rebuild it and have a Marshall Plan to rebuild Ukraine” – Johnson quotes words to reporters after a meeting with heads of government of the Visegrad Group Group (V4), The Daily Telegraph.

The Financial Times added that details of the financing for Ukraine’s reconstruction are currently in the initial planning stage.

Later on Tuesday, Johnson appeared before members of the House of Commons after a video-link address by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to members of the British Parliament.

The British prime minister promised that he would “take all measures – diplomatic, humanitarian and economic – so that (Russian President) Vladimir Putin fails in this disastrous endeavor and Ukraine will not be liberated again”. “We will do everything until Putin falls,” the British prime minister said. “Britain and its allies are determined to continue providing Ukraine with the weapons it needs to defend the country,” he added. (PAP)

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