Andrzej Gołota lives with his family in Chicago, USA, and does not plan to return to his homeland permanently, although he comes to Poland regularly. His wife Mariola often posts photos of the interiors of their property. Click the button “Show gallery” And see how Andrzej Gołota lives on a daily basis! So he relaxes and lives.

Beautiful interiors of Andrzej Gołota’s house. This is how the master lives!

Andrzej Gołota’s fights were a unique experience for the Polish fans. At a time when our sport was not at a particularly high level, the boxer was fulfilling his (literally) American dream. Gołota fans woke up in the middle of the night to watch his upcoming fights. And although in the most crucial moments the boxer could not stand his feelings (for example, below the belt punched against Riddick Bowe), he still Become a true legend.

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Andrzej Gołota has been living in the United States for many years. He left for the United States in the early 1990s and started his career there. Time has shown that in this regard nothing has changed until today – also after the end of his career The boxer remains in the United States. From time to time he would return to Poland – there was a farewell battle in our country, the organizer of which was Marcin Nejman.

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Mariola Gutota, The boxer’s wife, actively manages her profiles on social media, in which the boxer himself does not feel well. Thanks to the photos posted by his wife, fans are always up to date on the life of the spouses in the United States. Andrzej Gołota, who is strong in the ring Take care of the house on a daily basis She often cooks and feeds dogs and even collects branches in the garden.


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