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“Do you have that much courage?” Internet users rightly ask. The production has announced that the third season of “Magic of Nudity” will be shown. It is very interesting to remember that the first season of the show was banned.

“Magic of Nudity” has been a hit for years in many European countries, especially in the UK. There, the show was up to six seasons, during which various characters were shown, the participants of which were representatives of different sexual orientations. No shame or taboos. However, when attempts were made to transfer the program to Poland, significant obstacles arose. Zoom TV decided to suspend the premiere of the first Polish version due to complaints about formatting received by the National Broadcasting Board..

The broadcast of the Polish version of the controversial show has been suspended based on five complaints. Four of them, from individuals, relate to episodes of foreign releases (including on April 11 and 25 this year), which were broadcast on Zoom TV. One complaint from the site Mom and Dad Foundation, concerned planned Polish edition. Finally, in September 2021, the movie “The Magic of Nudity” was finally shown on TV. It gathered a large audience.

For several weeks now, you can tune in to the second edition of “Magic of Nudity,” which this season is also showing on streaming service FilmBox.

As we found out, the first episode of the new version of the dating program was watched by more than 209 thousand. viewers. The audience for the next two episodes was less – 117000 and 108000, respectively. viewers.

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In the first three episodes of the second series, we were able to follow the elections The 26-year-old Patricia is passionate about sarcasmit was 31-year-old Sandra from Tri-City, who directly admitted to being a dominant. There were also old people – In one episode, the 65-year-old Kazimierz chose his dating partner.

Although there are still quite a few stories left in front of viewers, Zoom TV has already announced shows for the third season. Details in the post below. Anyone can apply, regardless of gender, age, appearance, occupation, or sexual orientation.

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