Israel, Turkey and Russia – these countries were recently visited by Roman Abramovich, one of the most famous Russian oligarchs, according to foreign media reports. Since the UK punished him and then Australia did, the billionaire’s travels have been closely followed. When he was seen at an airport in Israel, there were voices that he might be seeking refuge in that country.

Abramovich under sanctions

“The European Union has imposed sanctions on the Russian billionaire for his ‘privileged access’ to Russian President Vladimir Putin, with whom Abramovich maintains ‘very good relations,'” Politico said on Monday.

Abramovich is one of the ten richest Russians. His fortune is $13.7 billion. (about 59 billion PLN; Bloomberg assessment). She also owns yachts, private jets and luxury cars valued at more than £1.2 billion (about PLN 7 billion; Forbes estimates).

Roman Abramovich in Israel. The country takes a position on Western sanctions

Why exactly there? Abramovich – like many rich Russians – has several passports. Apart from Russian, also Portuguese, and Israeli specifically. Until recently, Israel was conservative on the issue of sanctions against Russia The business elite will invade Ukraine. But this has changed. On Monday, send this country A clear indication that it does not intend to circumvent sanctions.

“Israel, like Slovakia, condemns the Russian invasion of Ukraine and calls for an end to the fighting. There is no justification for violating Ukraine’s territorial integrity, and there is no justification for launching attacks against the civilian population– Minister Lapid said after meeting with a representative of the Slovak government.

On Tuesday, the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, Dmytro Kuleba, confirmed the words of the Israeli politician and the promise he made. Israel has not yet imposed its own sanctions on Russia or the oligarchy. Both Ukraine and the United States lobbied on this issue. The words of the head of the Israeli Foreign Ministry were the first strong signal to the Russians that they wished to treat this country as a safe haven.