had become! Sony is developing a remake of the first part of The Last Of Us and soon all interested players will be playing a new adventure. Details and materials for the game have appeared on the PlayStation Store ahead of the official presentation.

In April 2021, Jason Schreier revealed the surprising behind-the-scenes development of The Last of Us Remake – the game was initially created by the Visual Arts Service Group, one of Sony’s internal teams that helps creators from PlayStation Studios. Then, when Naughty Dog finished work on The Last of Us 2, it was put in to help with the project, until the developers took over production as a last resort. The original team was literally kicked out of the project, which the developers of the original The Last of Us began to master.

Today we can finally check out the first material from The Last of Us Remake – the game was built from scratch with PlayStation 5 in mind and it uses a number of mechanics already available in The Last of Us 2. The developers have been wary of the game’s full recovery.

Remake The Last of Us - 2

Someone rushed at Sony for exactly two hours and The Last Of Us Part I Remake was added to PlayStation Direct (Sony’s official store) two hours before the presentation – the game will be presented at Summer Game Fest 2022.

The Last Of Us Part I Remake features a single player campaign and the Left Behind expansion pack. This is how the plugins look Update details:

“Enjoy a completely revamped version of the original game, faithfully recreated but with updated gameplay, enhanced controls and expanded access options. Feel right at home with enhanced effects, better exploration and better battles”

The Last Of Us Part I Remake will debut on September 2nd on PS5, and “later” is coming to PC. In the gallery you will find some pictures.

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