Journalists found out about the activities of a “special” officer of the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation. Such cases occurred, among others, in 2019, when Putin went on an official visit to Saudi Arabia.

“Special Task Officer”

According to Paris Match, in May 2017, the same employee accompanied the Russian leader while using the toilet while Putin was in France. A special officer had to collect the president’s urine and feces in special bags, which are then taken in a suitcase to Russia.

The post stated that this is done so that no one can take samples of the Russian president’s stool and know his health condition. In fact, Putin is accompanied by security guards when using the toilet. In a new video, you can see Putin leaving the bathroom accompanied by six people during a meeting.

Putin seriously ill?

Suggestions about possible diseases of Vladimir Putin appeared a long time ago. According to experts, his state of health is so serious that it is necessary to force breaks during business meetings. How It follows from the information provided by a former spy, reported by the British daily The Sun, that the despot is unable to hold a single uninterrupted business meeting to obtain medical assistance.

In the past, the media reported various diseases that the Russian president allegedly suffered. Newspapers reported, inter alia, about cancer, Parkinson’s disease or schizophrenia. The British report noted that Putin always travels with nine doctors, while he had recently visited a thyroid cancer specialist 35 times.

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